My name is brennan and I'm a freelance industrial designer and 3D artist. My degree is in mechanical design and over a career I've helped everyone from international factories to napkin-sketch startups turn their ideas into physical or virtual reality.


I've done work for Coca-Cola, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Polaroid, DMG Entertainment, CBRE, AT&T, Need/Want, RED Digital Cinema plus more that we can't talk about but you've probably seen.


My favourite projects are the unusual ones: replica Apollo Hasselblads for a French documentary or gears for the insides of a Shanghai theme park attraction. From carbon microtube R&D testing with The University of Toronto, to an ancient Egyptian free-energy machine (seriously).


So my goal is to find people like you: people with never-tried-before ideas, will-this-work dreams, we're-the-first inventions — and then do them.

current projects

- Ever ubiquitous twitter and instagram

- I maintain a real time-ish feed of scrap renders and experiment things here as much as possible within NDAs.

- A weekly newsletter called Brennan's Book Club where I explore and reflect on books I'm reading.

- My personal youtube channel with miscellaneous 3D tutorials.

- My Thingiverse page with miscellaneous models and small builds.


previous projects

- 3D artist for 2019 Manchester International Festival art game.

- Various projects for Arcturus Studio - a VR game and industrial design.

- Started an experimental brand called Arille making 3D printed art, jewelry and houseware industrial design.

- Helped Cole Rise with the new generation of Hasselblad moon camera replicas featured in a documentary.

- Critical Mass (Calgary, London, Tokyo) doing animation, video and AR models with Facebook's Spark AR and Snapchat Lens Studio.

- Joined Smart City Media doing architectural rendering and animation.

- Co-founded a podcast called Futureproof.chat with Jess Sloss.

- For all of 2017 I logged every pizza I ate on brennan.pizza (domain now retired)

- Started PHD in Curiosity, a weekly newsletter of varying topics both obscure and interesting. 52 issues / 1 year.

- Asgard Gear, a premium Magic the Gathering / TCG deck storage box company.

- Writer / researcher for the first 25 issues of Opportunity Overload, an email newsletter started by Need/Want.

- Featured in two issues of 3D Artist Magazine first for my popular Blender for Physical Prototyping article / design philosophy and then general tips for 3D artists.

- DIY tutorials and shop builds on Forgelock.tv, a channel I film and edit with maker Alex Forrest.

- Featured in Geekpreneur for my four years writing and growing the Acrylo Design Blog.