You have ideas.
I design products.

Hey! I'm Brennan, a human-shaped machine that turns ideas into gorgeous objects

Mechanical design by schooling and product design by trade I've been 3D modelling and rendering for nearly a decade; a craftsman of both digital and physical tools.

Hardware startups are bigger than ever, and it's never been easier to manufacture products. I help you develop your idea and bring it to market.

Here's something of a manifesto I've grown into:

Users come first. I want to design the best possible solution to whatever the actual real-life human's problems are.

Good design needs to be feasible. It's shockingly easy to 3D model impossible-to-manufacture objects. I bring experience and quality so you can go to factories without needing a ton of revisions.

Complete transparency. I quote per project, not per hour, so you're allowed to ask as many questions and we can talk shop as long as possible. Typical projects are $2000-8000 and 2-4 weeks.

I'm here for you. We're both humans trying to make the best things we can together. Let's collaborate.


Designed and rendered / built by yours truly

I did the rendering but not the design

2D and 3D graphics arts + logos

Videos and animation


Don't be a stranger. Have a question? I'll find you an answer.

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Some people follow me on that fad thing called Twitter if you'd like to join them. There's also Instagram if you're into photos of forests and 3D printing and my baby of a car.

There's a more official PDF resume for the old school types. Besides that, there's the obligatory LinkedIn profile, even if it is sort of terrible at keeping track of freelance projects.

other projects

Asgard Gear is a premium Magic the Gathering / TCG deck storage box startup I'm a co-founder and product designer for.

My friend and I just started a youtube channel with DIY projects we do every week called Forgelock which is almost entirely an excuse for us to goof around in the shop and still feel productive making stuff.

I used to be pretty famous writing the Acrylo Design Blog. It was popular with tens, if not dozens of people - maybe you've heard of it?

If you don't feel like reading and just want pretty pictures I also maintain an Acrylo Inspiration Tumblr that the hipsters seem to go for.

Every week on sunday morning I write PHD in Curiosity which is an email newsletter of varying topics both obscure and interesting. Generally I write on Medium every few days too.

Years ago I wrote a short, short fiction book called the Anthology of Alternate Calgarys and I'm writing a substantially longer non-fiction book right now, but aren't we all.