I'm Brennan Letkeman.
I like to make things.

I grew up sketching in class and taking my toys apart to see how they worked. I found Photoshop and 3D modelling at a ripe young age and have been enjoying learning those ever since. I graduated with honours and just completed my mechanical design technologist diploma from SAIT this spring.

Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge but I ask, why not have both?


I have a brain and some hands and occasionally they work together. That's when the magic happens.

A collaborative thing. You come with ideas and I come with expertise in making it a reality.

I care about the details, with a love for taking complex problems and creating a simple solution. There's a sort of elegance to that, I think. It's so often forgotten and so rarely seen. Things should just work. Think about all the things around that frustrate you. Why do they still exist?

Products should be neat. They should have stories and narratives that make using them intuitive and nice. In this way they become meaningful to the user and that lifespan becomes more fulfilling for everyone. Well designed things aren't just to be consumed and thrown away, they should last and continue to provide that underlying joy that we find from the moment we first use it and think "How did I ever do without this before?"

I use mostly Photoshop (CS3), Blender (2.6x), Solidworks (+ renderers such as Keyshot, Yafaray and Cycles for both) with a familiarity using most related things. InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Inventor and Vegas all have their respective uses, though show up less in my typical workflow. I like Notepad and iA Writer is brilliant. Sketches are done on napkins, paper and Wacom tablet with Sketchbook Pro. I love and use both Mac and PC. I'm a huge Chrome fan. Open Office > Microsoft Office. Tea > coffee.


All of the following are lovingly hand made by myself, be they modelled, drawn or physically built.


Don't be a stranger. Have a question? I'll find you an answer.

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Some people follow me on that fad thing called Twitter if you'd like to join them. I also Dribble from time to time.

There's a more official PDF resume for the old school that can be downloaded here. Besides that, there's the obligatory Zerply profile, which is like LinkedIn but better.


I write and curate a pretty neat design blog that is popular with tens, if not dozens of people. Maybe you've heard of it?

There was a brief interview with Geekpreneur about it, but they quote me like I actually know what I'm talking about or something. Lies.

If you don't feel like reading and just want pretty pictures I also maintain an inspiration Tumblr that the hipsters seem to go for.